Finance Stress Free – About Us

Finance Stress Free – Our Story

Finance Stress Free has been assisting Everyday Australian Borrowers and Prospective Borrowers like yourself to get finance for cars, boats, their home, their business, their truck, office equipment, earthmoving equipment and many other valuable purchases since 2004.

Our principal and founder started in banking and finance in January 1977. Since that time he has worked for major banks, financiers, motor dealers and brokerage firms as well as running his own finance related businesses .

After having worked on both sides of the lending desk (Both approving and submitting loans) he understands the complexities associated with getting prospective borrowers the right loan these days.  Having spoken with thousands of borrowers from all over Australia one constant seemed to ring true: How to take the stress out of getting a loan?

Finance Stress Free – Our Mission

Finance Stress Free’s mission is to source the very best loan for our clients in every case taking into account their individual needs, objectives and requirements and deliver it in a way that causes the least stress to our clients.

This is easier said than done because:

  • Every clients personal and financial position is different
  • Lending guidelines and approval processes have tightened post GFC
  • People’s needs, objectives and requirements can change
  • Every lender’s procedure for assessing loans is different

So how do we achieve it?

  • We ask a lot of questions
  • We have expert knowledge of our lenders and their lending policies
  • We understand that you need to use the right strategy to get the right solution
  • We don’t take NO for an answer

 Finance Stress Free – Our Vision

For your information Finance Stress Free are business finance, asset finance and mortgage finance experts. We tailor financial solutions to our clients needs. We specialise in helping our clients find the right loan approval regardless of their circumstances wherever possible.

Our vision is to listen to our clients and their concerns, to make sure we are all on the same page and understand what our clients perceive to be a finance stress free loan experience and then deliver it if at all possible!

Finance Stress Free - We're full of Bright Ideas

Finance Stress Free – We’re Full of Bright Ideas

Just remember without You there is no Us. We know you’ve got better things to do than worry about getting your loan approved so we’ll do all the work and worrying for you and it won’t cost you a cent. Because Finance is What We Do!

Finance Stress Free specialises in car loans from Luxury and Prestige cars to SUV’s, to passenger and family sedans whatever you’re after we can help you finance stress free.
Finance Stress Free deals with a panel of lenders that can assist with Commercial Finance for business use cars, equipment, transport industry and anything business use.
If you’ve been knocked back for finance for any reason from your bank and you need a second chance or even a first chance Finance Stress Free can find the loan for you.
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Like Us to Take the Stress Out of Your Next Finance Loan?

Let Finance Stress Free give you an easier, simpler finance solution without the Stress!
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