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RBA Drops Rates in May 2016 | Interest Rate

RBA Drops Interest Rate – May 2016
Author: Eliza Owen for On The House
Source: Onthehouse.com.au

The Reserve Bank of Australia has announced it will cut the official cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.75% in May, making this the first cash rate cut since May 2015. The decision was a tough call amid lower than expected […]

Get Easy Finance Easier!

Finance Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!
Finance Stress Free will guide you professionally through the whole finance process from taking your application through to approval, signing of all documents, explanation of finance and insurance options and settlement.

By creating a good rapport, by being calm and reassuring and by asking questions designed to help us understand your personal situation you can be assured that you will never have a better finance experience than right here and right now!

Our priority is to ensure you experience no stress or worry before, during and after your finance experience.


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Don’t Suffer Finance Stress

Suffering Finance Stress – Get Stress Free Finance!
So What is Finance Stress?
If you are in finance stress and need finance try Stress Free Finance. Even if you don’t qualify for a loan right now Finance Stress Free will provide helpful advice to assist you to rebuild your credit rating, to improve your finance confidence and to reduce finance stress.

    Have you ever felt the icy sting of a loan rejection?
    Have you ever had your finance experience turn into the Nightmare on Finance Street?
    Are your debts mounting up and the interest keeps increasing?
    Do you know why some people get finance and others in similar situations don’t?


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Who Needs Stress Free Finance

Stress Free Finance – Finance Easier!
Get Stress Free Finance!


So what do we mean by getting finance easier? The key to financing anything is you need to be informed so you can make an informed decision! Knowledge is king, so the more you know the better the chance you have of obtaining stress free finance.  We enable this at Finance Stress Free by doing all of the hard work, the leg work and the research work to discover the absolute best finance deal to suit your individual needs and circumstances. […]

Motor Finance Minus Equity

Motor Finance…Are You “Upside Down”?
Motor Finance: What is Minus Equity?
With motor finance it is quite common for people looking to upgrade their cars to get the latest model to find they are in a predicament referred to in the motor industry as Minus Equity or Upside Down. If you are “Upside down” it means in car finance speak that you owe more money to a finance institution on your car than what it is worth.
The main difficulty associated with being in this predicament is that unless you have the ready cash available to cover the minus equity amount and you are looking to get motor finance again, you will need to borrow substantially more than the value of the new vehicle to acquire the new car. […]

Take a Holiday from Debt | finance

On the Finance Highway to Debt Central?
Finance doesn’t have to be so hard
There are many stresses surrounding us every day but we all know that good old finance stress is right at the top of the festering heap. I’m sure you know if you’re a day late on that car loan repayment to expect a phone call from Mister Lender.
With finance the bills never seem to go away and we often feel we are just working like a dog to pay for them. Where’s the enjoyment in that? […]

Finance, it’s all about the Journey | stress free finance

Stress Free Finance – It’s a Journey
Is Stress Free Finance a Pipe Dream?
Let’s hope not because, for you…Finance just got a whole lot easier!

Let me start by giving you a little background on who I am, what I am about and why Finance Stress Free came to be:

My name is Rick and I started Finance Stress Free or Stress Free Finance (Works both ways) back in 2005 originally as Dinkum Loans Australia. But to begin this finance journey you need to go back to late 1970’s where my journey with banking, loans and finance began. Since that inauspicious beginninge I have been lucky enough to have spoken with thousands of borrowers  from all walks of life and every corner of Australia, this great continent of ours.


Bad Credit – 5 Hidden Truths

The Juice on Bad Credit Finance
 Bad Credit and Second Chance Loans
Bad Credit Finance – Why the lender says NO!
If you’ve ever applied for finance of any kind recently or ever and you’ve had your loan declined you’re probably asking yourself why. Generally the main reason most people are knocked back is due to bad credit in one form or another. […]

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