Stress Free Finance – It’s a Journey

Is Stress Free Finance a Pipe Dream?

Let’s hope not because, for you…Finance just got a whole lot easier!
Your Stress Free Finance HostLet me start by giving you a little background on who I am, what I am about and why Finance Stress Free came to be:
My name is Rick and I started Finance Stress Free or Stress Free Finance (Works both ways) back in 2005 originally as Dinkum Loans Australia. But to begin this finance journey you need to go back to late 1970’s where my journey with banking, loans and finance began. Since that inauspicious beginninge I have been lucky enough to have spoken with thousands of borrowers  from all walks of life and every corner of Australia, this great continent of ours.
I have mixed with and lent to some of the richest, most powerful and influential people in this country as well as some of the poorest. From household names, actors, movie stars, T.V. stars, comedians, rock stars, musicians, sporting stars, politicians and leaders of industry to farmers, small business owners and average people in the street just like you and me.
I have invested countless hours of my life into learning as well as educating others, managing, understanding and practising in many areas of finance.
I have been exposed to Banking, Home Loans, Business Loans, Mortgage Broking and Private Lending on the mortgage side. On the asset finance side I have dabbled in Car Loans, Boat Loans, Bike Loans, Truck Loans, Leasing, Novated Leasing, Salary Sacrifice Finance, Equipment Finance, Agricultural equipment and Rental purchase plans. On the commercial side I have specialised in Business Finance, complex Commercial Finance Transactions, Debt Restructuring, Short Term Lending, Solicitor’s Loans, Property Development Finance, Mezzanine Finance, Mergers, Acquisitions, Large debt restructuring and Hostile Takeovers.

How We Can Help You Finance Stress Free

If I sat down right now and wrote down everything I have ever learned about finance and lending over the years we may end up with another War and Peace! We’re not just talking about the basics here but all of the sneaky tips, tricks, hints, dirty little secrets, things that would shock you, things that I’m afraid to tell you (For legal reasons), the how to’s, the how not to’s, the don’t do’s and the never do’s.…Well, you get it. To the average person it would bore the pants off them and to others it would be gold. I’d also most likely end up in the hot seat in some courtroom  somewhere up against the very banks and financiers who taught me all this stuff!

So I thought, lighten up a bit – There’s plenty of time to expose it all later. 

To start off with I’d like to tell you a story about my late dad that I think you may find interesting. He passed away in 1998 aged 90 and he never set foot out of New South Wales in those 90 years. Both he and I were born in Australia…The greatest country of them all in my own biased opinion. I live on the Gold Coast now, far away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney where I started my journey in life, finance and the pursuit of a dollar.
Now back to the old fella… Dad was born near the turn of the last century before World War 1, The Great Depression and a whole heap of stuff we take for granted today ever existed. He was also born in the same year as the famous Don Bradman and R.M. Williams. My father came from an era of no tech. If the young of today were ever thrust into the world my dad grew up in they would absolutely shit themselves.
Let’s elaborate… no TV’s, toasters, kettles, hot water, computers, radios, refrigerators, mobile phones, tablets, designer labels, coffee shops, shopping malls, fast cars, domestic air travel…you get the drift. I always remember the old fella saying to me from a very young age that if you can’t afford to pay cash for something then you don’t buy it! Now this is very important. This advice came from a man who never in his life entered into a loan for anything! Zero, zilch, nada on credit! Can you imagine that? Everything he ever owned…houses, his furniture, the cars he bought…all paid for with by CASH yet he wasn’t rich just average!
Could you imagine never EVER having had a home loan, a car loan, a personal loan or even a credit card?
Pre-1960 in this country most people paid cash for everything and only borrowed as a last resort.If that sort of thing happened today and nobody borrowed money, no finance, no loans, no credit cards it would turn the whole banking, lending and financial world as we know it on its ear. Because back in those days PEOPLE SAVED! Thats’ right, they put some of their weekly pay, meagre though it was, in the bank. Why? For a rainy day, for unexpected expenses or opportunities, for holidays, for Christmas…That’s Why.
Another fact about the old pot and pan was that he never, ever had an ATM card…That’s right…no plastic! The only bank transaction record the old bloke ever possessed was a simple Commonwealth bank book all his life! Needless to say his wallet was very light compared to ours today. Now some of you younger ones may be asking what a bank book is? Well that is how we older folk used to transact our business with the banks before ATM machines invaded our world like the Daleks from Dr Who.

So there is my blast from the past. Back in an era where the men dressed up in suits, ties, shiny shoes and Stetson hats to go down the road and women dressed up to the nines. No tracky dacks, hot pants, mini skirts, work singlets, thongs, stubbies and board shorts and No Denim!

So how do I Hope to Accomplish with Stress Free Finance?

To use my wide range of experience, knowledge and expertise to help people like yourself to enter the world of finance with their eyes open a little wider and their minds better informed. No lies, no BS, no smoke and mirrors just sound financial advice, just pure, drinking quality finance.

So Please…If you have any questions no matter how insignificant they may seem please feel free to post a thread, drop us a line, send us an email or simply add a comment on our blog. We’ll do our very best to steer you the right way. Hopefully some of the information we can impart on you will prove invaluable.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Regards, Rick.

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